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Research tells us that high quality early care and education makes a difference in the critical early learning years and beyond.  High quality programs provide developmentally appropriate experiences that positively impact young children’s learning and school readiness.  Supportive interactions with the adults who work in early childhood programs enhance young children’s social and emotional development.  The Delaware Early Care and Education Baseline Quality Study raised questions about the quality of the state’s early childhood programs.  In response, the state has focused on improving the quality of early care and education in Delaware to support the development and learning of the state’s young children.

Programs participating in Delaware Stars are:

  • committed to providing quality experiences for all children;Children in the Delaware Stars for Early Success program
  • safe and healthy places where children can explore and learn;
  • implementing Delaware’s Early Learning Foundations to guide planning;
  • supporting children’s physical, cognitive, and social emotional development;
  • employing staff who listen to children and parents, and find ways for all children to succeed;
  • providing opportunities for children to have fun together and practice being respectful of others;
  • offering children music, art, and play activities that increase school readiness;
  • individualizing attention to children;
  • seeking well-educated staff;
  • engaging and involving parents; and
  • providing opportunities for children to learn and succeed!


Thank you for visiting the Delaware Stars for Early Success website. Delaware Stars is a program funded and administered by Delaware Department of Education, managed by the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC) in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.