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Technical Assistants

JCohortDSC_0400Generalist Technical Assistant –  Providers discuss the relationship with their TA

Programs are assigned a Technical Assistant (TA) after confirmation of their acceptance into Delaware Stars and are contacted by their assigned TA to schedule the on-boarding visit shortly after. From this point forward, the TA is the program’s primary contact for Delaware Stars and will guide and assist the program through the quality improvement process.

In the Starting with Stars phase, programs receive one to three visits from their TA with the goals of completing the on-boarding observation with feedback and the initial Quality Improvement Plan or QIP. The on-boarding observation includes an environment scan of each classroom or all child care areas in the program. These visits are usually with the program’s Administrator and/or the person designated to lead the quality improvement efforts within the program.  Click to view the TA Timeline

Programs at Star Levels 2, 3, and 4 that are actively working towards a higher Star Level receive visits from their TA approximately twice per month. Programs at Star Level 5 or that are maintaining at a lower Star Level may receive TA in preparation for re-verification. Required Delaware Stars standards and the standards the program has chosen to complete shape the focus of the program visits and should be reflected on the program’s current QIP and in the database. Visits may include meeting with the program’s Administrator or the person designated to lead the quality improvement efforts within the program, meeting with individual or small groups of classroom staff, presenting to a larger group of program staff, and classroom observation.

TAs may utilize multiple strategies to assist programs and individual classroom staff in their quality improvement efforts. These strategies include mentoring, coaching, and technical assistance. The related policy can be found in the Delaware Stars Policy Manual under Technical Assistance.


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