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Stars Program Spotlights

We are proud of all of the early childhood and school-age care educators in Delaware, for opening their doors to young children and providing early learning and nurturing to our youngest citizens. We enjoy celebrating the achievements and success of our shining stars. Send us pictures and a brief description of your program, why you chose early childhood as a profession, what you love about early learning and caring for children, how you connect with families and your community, and we will “Spotlight” you! Please send to

Program Spotlight: Guardian Angel Child Care

Delaware Stars and Guardian Angel Child Care have grown up together, so to speak. Guardian Angel Child Care has been a part of Delaware Stars since its inception in 2007. In fact, Guardian Angel was one of the “original 15” programs that began its journey in continuous quality improvement a decade ago.

Today, Guardian Angel is a Star Level 5 and is fueled by the same passion embraced by its first director, Miss Peggy Stinson. Located in Wilmington, Guardian Angel is one of three child care facilities in Wilmington supported by the Ministry of Caring.

“Miss Peggy started the blessing,” says Janet Chandler, Guardian Angel’s Director. “Providing the best care to children, especially those from low income families, was her passion. She was able to foster this spirit among the teachers and families resulting in a cohesiveness among the entire community.”

Peggy eventually supported the Delaware Stars family by working in Professional Development in Delaware’s Institute of Excellence for Early Childhood – Stars home. Another Stars family member, Patti Lynch, served as a TA prior to working directly for Guardian Angel. Today, Patti is curriculum coordinator for Guardian Angel as well as serving in this role for the other two Ministry of Caring Child Care Centers.

Janet, Patti and their team now provide more than 50 toddlers and Prekindergarten children a place where they can reach their full potential.

“Our job is to facilitate the blossoming of the whole child – socially, emotionally, and cognitively,” says Janet. “We are teaching children to be responsive and problem solvers.”

According to Patti, the key to the success is “empowerment through individualization.” “I spend a lot of time with both the teachers and the children explaining the ‘why’. When the children see the teachers learning, they want to model that behavior,” adds Patti.

A decade of of this type of dedication has made Guardian Angel a center of hope and promise for hundreds of Delaware’s earliest learners.

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