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ERS Assessment

When programs reach Star Level 2, they may begin actively working toward the next Star Level.  Under the section of the standards for Learning Environment and Curriculum, Delaware Stars uses the Environment Rating Scales (ERS) to conduct observations of the learning environment. The ERS are observational tools used to assess the quality of early care and education programs including those that serve infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and/or school age children. The Infant-Toddler Environment Rating Scale Revised (ITERS-R) is used to assess classrooms serving children 6 weeks to 30 months. The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Revised (ECERS-R) is used to assess classrooms serving children 30 months through 60 months. The School Age Care Environment Rating Scale Updated (SACERS Updated) is used to assess programs that serve school age children from Kindergarten through 12 years. The Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale Revised (FCCERS-R) is used to assess family child care and large family child care programs.  Programs must complete the ERS assessments of their program and meet the minimum ERS scores for the designated Star Level.

Requests for ERS assessments are completed through the Delaware Stars database.  The programs’s Technical Assistant assists the program in requesting the assessment.  Further details regarding this process are outlined in the Program Guide pages 16 & 17.  There are a variety of tools to assist you in preparing for your ERS observations.

Prepare the Documentation:  In order to receive credit in relevant areas, the following documentation must be submitted prior to requesting an ERS assessment, if applicable:

  • Schedule for each classroom.
  • ERS Assessment Age Worksheet for each classroom (must be e-mailed).

If poured or installed surfacing is used under gross motor equipment, ASTM1292 certification is required. Documentation must come from the manufacturer showing it was certified and also show it was installed at this facility.

Note: The assessment will not be scheduled until appropriate documentation has been received.

Cancellations:  If you need to cancel an assessment because of an emergency, please call the DIEEC assessment staff immediately at 302-831-2969.  Your assessment will be rescheduled, but there may be a delay due to scheduling demands.

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