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About Us Quote

“We are experiencing a strong sense of accomplishment, working together, we are motivated and proud of our profession. Most importantly, each day we see that our children are directly benefiting from our work and the changes we are making.”
St. Michael’s School, Star 3 currently a Star 5

News & Events Quote

“I couldn't have done it without your patience, push, drive and faith in me to accomplish this goal.  I was just coasting in neutral before, but now that I know that it is possible to reach another level, I am going to put my car in drive, and keep pushing until I reach SL5.”
Thelma Jamison
Large Family Child Care, Star 3, currently a Star 5

Prospective Providers Quote

“Believe it or not you are the best. You got me working, I love it, you are pushing me into my future”.
Rakettia McLeish, Family Child Care, Star 2 currently a Star Level 4

Current Providers Quote

“The Stars program has been well worth the work we had to put into it and the time getting to Star Level 3 made us stronger as a staff and Child Care family!”
The Salvation Army Early Learning Center, Star 3, currently a Star 4

Parents and Families Quote

“Participating in Delaware Stars has been very positive for our program.  It has given us the opportunity to develop a more professional team of teachers and also provide a better curriculum of teaching.”
PACTT, Star 4 currently a Star Level 5

Research Quote

“Delaware Stars has helped all stakeholders of our very large and diverse school to focus on and clarify our beliefs, values and teaching practices.  Around these we have set goals, planned strategically and established a course of action for continuous improvement.”
St. Michael’s School, Star 3, currently Star 5

Grants Quote

“Participating in Delaware Stars has helped the teacher's take pride in the work they do and the care they provide.  It encourages them to strive to be their best everyday.”
Tender Loving Kare Childcare & Learning Center III, Star 5

Verification Quote

“Participating in Delaware Stars has improved the experiences for children in our care.  They are able to express themselves individually by using the supplies and tools, are more involved in their activities/centers, and the children enjoy the centers.  We love seeing them having fun”
Boys & Girls Club @ North Star Elementary School, Star 4

NEW Program Spotlight: Raising Hope Child Care Center

Raising Hope Child Care Center is an early childhood center located in Newark, Delaware. They currently serve 26 children including toddlers, preschoolers, prekindergarteners, and school-age children. The center welcomes and diligently works with a diverse population of children including those with IEPs, IFSPs, Dual Language Learning, and Behavior Management Plans. Raising Hope Child Care Center originally started in Delaware Stars in 2013 as part of a Stars Plus cohort. While participating in the cohort, staff worked on creating environments consistent with the Environment Rating Scales, completing the Aim for Excellence program to earn the Administration credential, participating in Curriculum & Assessment Specialty TA, and implementing the Creative Curriculum. As a result, the center advanced from Star Level 2 to Star Level 4 in 2015.

In July 2016, Raising Hope Child Care Center underwent significant program changes including new ownership, a new administrator, entirely new staff, and even new students. Neither the administrator nor the staff had prior experience at a Delaware Stars program. Due to the center’s significant program changes, Raising Hope was required to re-verify their star level. In order to prepare, staff at the center established classroom-level action plan items focused on classroom management, supervision, interactions and access to…continue here.

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